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Is A Virtual Assistant Right For You?

Have you found yourself in the following scenario recently?

Business is booming. Orders are coming in. Subscribers are signing up. It’s exactly what you’ve been working so hard to make happen! Then it hits you. “How in the world am I going to manage all of this AND still build the business? I still have to create the products, source supplies, and fulfill orders. When will I have some downtime to plan the next month’s, quarter’s, and year’s goals? How can I make sure everything keeps rolling smoothly?” There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day and there’s only one of you right? You’re thinking there has to be a way to get it ALL done!

OR have you found yourself in this situation?

Your calendar is filling, existing clients are rescheduling, or….oops! You offer complimentary consultations and have a few double bookings because your personal calendar isn’t synching with your work calendar. Some of your clients and prospects want to meet in person, others may want to meet virtually. It’s all great…in a way! But you’ve become frustrated because you don’t even have time for a 30-minute lunch break. All of the marketing efforts are paying off and positive word of mouth must be getting around. Fantastic! But everything feels a bit chaotic. You realize that you need a smoother booking process. You drop your head in despair while thinking, “I really want to charge consultation fees to discourage people who aren’t serious. It would also be helpful if I knew what the potential client is reaching out about so that I can be better prepared for our meeting. AND I really need all of my service offerings packaged and available online.” Just the mere thought of implementing a seamless process is overwhelming, but you know that you need to do something quick, or your business will continue to suffer.

Recent studies show that the virtual assistant (VA) industry has expanded over the past few years with the need growing exponentially as a result of the pandemic. Companies have turned more and more to VAs to outsource work that was formerly managed by in-house staff that had to be cut due to budget restraints.

Here are some indicators that you, or your company, may need a VA:

  • Business is starting to slow down

  • Any form of marketing or promo is getting put on the back burner

  • Deadlines are being missed

  • Easily avoidable mistakes are being made

  • Follow-up with clients and prospects is slow

  • Checking email causes you anxiety

  • You aren’t able to attend networking events

  • There’s not sufficient time to research and implement processes, systems, or any other ideas that are beneficial to business growth

If you find yourself experiencing any of these indicators, perhaps Bliss Virtual Services can provide you a skilled support professional to alleviate the unwanted stress. Whether you need a dedicated assistant or on-demand, we are here to serve you. Contact us today to share your “bliss list” and get started!

By Tia Vaughn

Good Vibes Specialist

Bliss Virtual Services


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