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The Life-Purging Process

Before we can fully-operate in our purpose, there are things, people and thought processes that we will be forced to leave behind. What I have learned is that negative and positive energy cannot co-exist. In fact, it can become quite catastrophic in most cases.

In order to consistently reach our goals, we must be willing to life-purge. Let’s take a look at the definition of “purge” from Merriam Webster:

Purge (verb)

  1. to cause evacuation from; b) to make free of something unwanted

Why does our body naturally rid itself of toxins? Because the toxins can poison our vital organs and ultimately lead to premature death.

Why do we discard unwanted things in our closets, refrigerators and offices? To make way for new things that fit our needs at that moment. If we don’t clear away the old stuff, it is almost impossible to discover what we are missing.

"Life-Purging" is difficult.

Life-purging is an emotionally-draining task. Much like spring cleaning, the life-purging process requires scrubbing through layers of dust, dirt and grime to get to your purpose. You will sweat, become frustrated, cry, scream, become faint and want to tap all the way out because life-purging is also the necessary healing that will make you a better you.

Let me be truthful with you.

People who don’t support your dreams, people who cause you strife, people who slander others and people who choose to be stagnant – distance yourself from them. If your job is killing you, even if it’s one you’ve worked overtime to prove your value, search for a new opportunity that's more fulfilling. If you find yourself dreading the start of each day because of your fear of obstacles that are bound to present themselves anyway…STOP...IT. Stop hoarding what’s hurting you and keeping you bound.

You never know how your future will unfold once you finally decide to break free and run towards your full potential.

By N. Renee McFadden

Chief Bliss Officer

Bliss Virtual Services


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