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Don’t Let Automation Leave Your Customers In Isolation

As we all know, we live in a technology-driven world where business can be transacted while we sleep and robots can respond to FAQs within seconds of landing on a website. But what parts of your business should you absolutely "humanize" in order to ensure that your current and future customers don’t feel like they are on an island to fend for themselves?

Workflow automation is wonderful but can lead you into a trap if overused. As you continue to enhance your business model, don’t minimize the value of the human experience. “Humans” are consuming your products and services and need to feel that they can trust you in order to go from perusing to purchasing.

Intentional communication in business is a “non-negotiable” if you want to stand out from your competitors. Below are a few forms we suggest:

Listening – Consultations are the “real start” to many customer journeys. Most business models incorporate some type of complimentary event (phone call or virtual info session) so that prospects can get to know more about your offerings and ask questions for clarity.

Written – Mass distributed newsletters are one of the most popular forms of communication but an email (or text) with a personal greeting that mentions something important to the recipient (“How’s your mom doing since her surgery?”) will warm the heart of the recipient. Think about the last time you received a personalized note from a company and how special it made you feel. And don’t forget the traditional card that you can stamp and send via snail mail. Yes, the last time we checked, post offices still do exist. ;-)

A personal message, just to let your client know that you are thinking of them, will keep you top-of-mind whenever they might need your type of product or service again.

Verbal – Calling a client to remind them of their upcoming appointment will surely make them feel valued. It speaks very loudly “I want your business”. Even if they don’t answer and you get their voicemail greeting, schedules do get busy therefore feel certain that they’ll appreciate the gentle, personal reminder. And then...if you or a member of your team call to say, “thank you for your business” a few days after the appointment, this is the chocolate icing on the cake and just might get you a referral or two.

Incorporating these few tips won’t cost you anything other than a small tweak to your marketing strategy. Remember, your customers know you need their financial investment in order to grow your business but, more importantly, they want to know you care.

By N. Renee McFadden

Chief Bliss Officer

Bliss Virtual Services


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