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5 Bucket List Ideas To Close Out Summer

For all that love summer, August can feel similar to the impending doom of a Sunday night before an early rise on Monday morning. Yikes!!! The month, unfortunately, represents the close of that easy breezy, carefree summer lifestyle. But in order to end something right, you need to make sure you are taking advantage of all that it has to offer! After all, we still have 30 amazing days to go out with a bang. Instead of letting the summer sail on by, I suggest embracing the next four weeks for all it’s worth and LIVE IT UP!

Overwhelmed with trying to decide what to do to make the most of August? Well, I am here to help with my “end-of-summer bucket list” ideas to make you feel like you are getting the most out of this beautiful month! So, here goes…


Make it a mindless mystery or a hilarious rom-com that is impossible to put down. Whatever you fancy, a good book should become your best friend! Brownie points if you read at a beach, poolside or on vacay! Wherever and whatever you read just make sure to soak it up and lose yourself in another world. Reading heals my soul, I hope that it can do the same for you!


Kick back at a music festival, outdoor theater production, or free concert and feel the beat as you dance and sing the night away while the sun sets on another beautiful August day. There is just something about dancing under the stars that symbolizes everything summer should be! Snag some tickets, round up your besties, and get ready to have a blast! And, for all the social media buffs out there…this is the stuff that Instagram is made of!


Here is some great news…you don’t have to travel far to be a tourist. My children and I explore our home sweet home all the time. Over the years, we have discovered so many places we never even knew existed! Trying out a new museum, hitting a new beach, or checking out a restaurant that is all-the-rave is a great way to explore and immerse yourself while it’s still warm out.


This may not be for everyone, but I suggest throwing caution to the wind and giving it a try. Pack your bags, some snacks, your driving playlist, and a camera and get ready to embark on what might just become one of the fondest moments you'll often reminisce over. The season is meant for carefree days full of sunshine and adventure, so head to a beach, a waterpark, the mountains or wherever the wind takes you and soak it up! Drive for a few hours or even a few days to your destination. Just remember, venturing out to experience something new is always a good call when the weather is nice!


Fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, BBQ, ice cream and a glass of Rose. Don’t feel guilty…eat your way through the end of the summer. Whether you desire lobster tails smothered in butter, or a juicy burger right off the grill…a summer atmosphere makes eating some of your favorites that much more enjoyable. (Bonus points if you eat outside with friends and family under the setting sun or dimly lit strobe lights.)

Summer is the perfect time for making memories with the people you love. So, although cooler weather, falling leaves, and pumpkin spice may be on the horizon, embrace this last full month of outdoor fun. Summer affords us the opportunity to relax just a little from the normal hustle and bustle of life. The relaxation will invigorate and energize you for the months ahead, so make the most of it.

Here are some fun recipes for you to help end your summer on the perfect note:

Important dates to remember while making the most of your summer:

August 2

  • National Coloring Book Day

  • National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

These two things can go hand in hand, coloring while eating a cool treat poolside or on the beach!

August 3

  • National Watermelon Day

What better representation of summer than some watermelon!! This the ultimate refreshing summer treat, so go ahead and sink your teeth into a nice juicy piece of watermelon.

August 6

  • American Family Day

  • National Root Beer Float Day

Why not celebrate your family while making and indulging in some root beer floats…could there be a better pair?

By Melanie Akerberg

People Happiness Manager

Bliss Virtual Services


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