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Summer Vibes

July is made for beach trips, basking in the sun, BBQ's and the perfect book. As we embark on the second half of 2023, I hope that July affords you the opportunity to take some time away from conquering your goals (if only for a moment) and allows you to focus on some summer self-care! Taking care of yourself in your personal life is just as important as being a superhero in your work life.

Foodies Unite

If you love food as much as me, then July's your time to chow down. This “delicious” month is jam-packed with so many yummy days it's hard to know when to pull away from the table. The beginning of the month urges us to celebrate graham crackers (s'mores anyone), fried chicken, French fries and chocolate! While the end of the month commemorates junk food (could you ask for a better excuse to eat just about anything bad for you), wine and cheese, and milk chocolate! That's right, two whole days to celebrate chocolate in one month, so go ahead and indulge!

Embrace Your “Personal” Independence

Of course we will be celebrating the “red, white and blue” this month with BBQs, pool parties and fireworks but it is also important to embrace the person you have become since January. You have conquered half of the year already and that is something to be proud of. You set goals and resolutions and kept your eye on the prize, now it’s time to celebrate how far you’ve come and the person you have grown into. You are crushing it, and you will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the year. Take some time during this beautiful month of sunshine, hot weather and warm nights to honor the independent and hard-working individual you are.

Summer Challenge

As a lover of all things summer and as an avid reader, summer reads are one of my very favorite things. I love being outside in the sun with a good book. I urge you to pick up a "summer read" and spend your free time lost in an author's imagination. I know not everyone loves to bask in the sun, so if you need to relax in the AC that's fine by me, I just want you to lose yourself in a book. I truly feel like summer is meant for catching up on the simpler things in life, the hustle and bustle takes a back seat to the serenity of the summer. It’s the best time to slow down and soak it all up!! So, go ahead and get to the library or your local book store and take on a challenge that is good for your mind and soul.

P.S. I am always here if you need some book suggestions!

Summer is officially upon us and marks "MY" absolute favorite time of year. I hope you all have a wonderful July filled with so many reasons to experience “bliss”.

AND, as if we need a reason to eat any more chocolate this month, I have linked a recipe for chocolate cookie ice cream sandwiches below...because, after all, what is a hot summer without ice cream?

By Melanie Akerberg

People Happiness Manager

Bliss Virtual Services


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