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Otter: The Perfect Meeting Companion is an app designed to help you spend less time scribbling down meeting notes, and can transcribe any type of audio log.

Otter is a great solution for individuals and businesses who spend a lot of time in meetings, negotiating with clients, or conducting interviews. The app records audio, after which the AI transcribes the content, being mindful of different speakers. The whole process can last around 30-40 minutes, letting you get on with other important work.

Alongside transcription, the app offers the following:

  • Zoom integration (to record and transcribe meetings)

  • The free version allows 10 hours of audio transcribed per month

  • Lets you search through transcriptions and export them

  • Lets you add annotations, highlights, and comments

Otter makes meetings less stressful by transferring the weight of documentation onto the software itself, so users can fully participate in the meeting.

(Available for download on iOS and Android)

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